Acute Appendicitis Images

Pathogenesis- Obstruction dilatation and secondary infection and inflammation
Ashley Davidoff MD
Courtesy Barbara Banner MD 02435 colon appendix dx black fx distended fx enlarged fx discoloration discolored dx acute gangrenous appendicitis dx ischemic necrosis dx acute appendicitis necrotic grosspathology Courtesy Dr Gutkin


18280b01.8s hx RLQ pain colon appendix fx induration fx distended distension fx thickened enlarged induration of periappendiceal fat dx acute appendicitis CTscan
KEYWORDS appendix enlarged appendicloth inflammation appendicitis right lower quadrant pain fx enhancing wall wall indurated fat induration CT scan CTscan computed tomography 76837.8
Appendicolith and mild fat stranding



Severe Appendicitis with extensive peri-appendiceal induration



Appendicitis complicated by an Abscess
Ashley Davidoff MD