ER Library Project

Chrissy LeBedis, Priscilla Slanetz,  Bindu Setty,
Ilse Castro-Aragon, Ashley Davidoff

This site is a pilot proposal for a future robust innovative resource for the BMC Radiology department.
The concept is to facilitate access to the ER Radiology reference library to assist in the diagnosis of emergency related medical conditions

  • The current proposal is that the library will include cases form our existing databases and the project will start with a powerpoint of an ER case  ;
  • “The Story”  –
    • Powerpoint  summary of the imaging and clinical aspects of a ER case
  • “In A Nutshell” (“IaN”)
    • Summary of the most essential information of the imaging findings of the specific disease entity
  • “Voice Rad” (VR)
    • 30 second sound byte clip of the content of the “IaN”
  • You Tube Rad (YTR)
    • Video conversion of “The Story”
  • Spectrum of Other Cases
    • A variety of other cases showing the spectrum of disease from mild t0  severe with potental complications
  • Online Learning Assessment (OLA )
    • MCQ using selected image
  • Links and References
    • Published Guidelines
    • Radiopedia
    • Radiographics
    • Videos

See example Appendicitis